Guzman - Tenuta Moreri


a family passion
and wine cult

This is the baron’s domain, with a family of professionals and entrepreneurs who have always been in love with the land.

On the Moreri estate, this new company is technologically advanced but also linked to its historical roots; the Caffarelli and Guzman families have been making wine for a century with the same alacrity.

In their ancient Sicilian farmhouse there is a contemporary wine cellar where history and innovation meet in the passion for wine, tenaciously cultivated by Benedetto Caffarelli.

I have always been involved with water, but the passion for good wine has always been present in the history of my family since the times of my grandparents Ida Gatti and Gaetano Caffarelli. My grandfather, Baron Guzman  was  conferred this title, with the Guzman estate and the Caffarelli  family, by Philip II, King of Spain and son of Charles V of Hapsburg, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

I was born on the Moreri Estate and spent my childhood playing and running through the rows of vines facing the sea. My children and grandchildren can now be found here and we will continue to produce sought after wine in our cellars, choosing the vines and harvesting only by hand, bottling with care and sipping with enthusiasm.

Benedetto Caffarelli
Barone di Guzman