Guzman - Tenuta Moreri

the expression of its maker

a family passion and wine cult

This is the baron’s domain, with a family of professionals and entrepreneurs who have always been in love with the land.

On the Moreri estate, this new company is technologically advanced but also linked to its historical roots; the Caffarelli and Guzman families have been making wine for a century with the same alacrity.

In their ancient Sicilian farmhouse there is a contemporary wine cellar where history and innovation meet in the passion for wine, tenaciously cultivated by Benedetto Caffarelli.

Whoever drinks this wine
drinks its long history

There is Guzman white wine, sapid with a great character, and Red Mamertino DOC an archive of ruby coloured Nocera and Nero d’Avola.

Then there is White Mamertino, comforting with a millennial history, which was already rooted in this part of Sicily in 289 BC and mentioned in De Bello Gallico. It was chosen by Julius Caesar to celebrate his third consulate.