Guzman - Tenuta Moreri

The Estate

A wine house
set in a beautiful scenery

This strip of land has stretched for centuries without damaging the environment, between the Sicilian sea, overlooking the Aeolian islands, and  wildly perfumed woods.

The Moreri estate dominates the north coast of Sicily between Cefalù and Messina and its vineyards extend from Tindari to Patti.

On the mountainous side there are Etna DOC (controlled designation of origin) vines while on the valley side Palari DOC vines and in the middle Capofaro. These native vines are now at home in this area.

Alaccia Nero d’Avola, Nocera, Telefono, Catarratto del Bosco, Inzolia, San Giovese and Grillo each occupy their own favourite spaces between Camarda, Zenia, Api and Pino.